In the Atlantian Persona Development Challenge, sponsored by Their Royal Majesties Cuan and Adelhait, participants will develop a new persona or expand their existing persona kit by creating and displaying four (4) items for their chosen persona over the course of the upcoming reign.

Displays to be held at Spring Coronation, Spring Crown
Tourney, Pennsic, and Fall Coronation. Participants must sign
up and prepare to display their first item at the Coronation of Cuan
and Adelhait on April 1st, 2022. Works in Progress are accepted,
but all items must be completed by and displayed at Fall Coronation
2022 (virtual or in person) to complete this challenge.

Challenge registration opens January 21st, 2022 and closes March 5th, 2022. Upon sign up,
participants gain entry into a dedicated virtual community. In this
space, participants will find libraries and message boards for
support and resource sharing, regular “office hours” held as
recurring virtual open meetings, and space to submit entries.
Participation in the virtual support community is not required, but
rather, is a dedicated space for sharing and support for folks who
find it beneficial.

Recognition of participants to take place at Fall Coronation 2022. In
honor of the upcoming German reign, Princess Adelhait shall
bestow a special favor to all those participants who complete the
challenge for German personas.

Please reach out to the Persona Challenge coordinator, Esa inghean
Donnchaidh, with any questions or concerns at