Coronation of Cuan and Adelhait

At this, our first of four milestone events in the challenge, participants display their first items. These may be works in progress now, but these items must be complete in time to display at the Fall Coronation of Cuan and Adelhait’s future heirs.

The following presents the participants who successfully completed the first of four displays of the persona challenge with their respective entry displays. Vivat and well met!

Beatriz Aluares de la Oya, developing an Iberian Celt of the 3rd century BCE. Check out her full display here:

Beatriz’s Project 1: A Diadem

Rosalind Jehanne, developing an Anglo-Saxon. Rosalind Displayed on-site, and a picture of her work is featured below:

Rosalind’s Project 1: Embroidery

Sophia the Orange, developing a persona of 1580s Florence. Check out her first entry here:

Sophie’s Project 1: The i Firenzi origin story

Ealawynn Maeru, called Ela, developing a Northumbrian Anglian. Check out her display here:

Ela’s Project 1: multi-step Winnegas. Shown here, Ela processed this Romney fleece in 2019 and spun it in 2020. She then dyed half the yarn with indigo, which will serve as the weft and the undyed yard to the left will be the warp.

Caitlin inghean Ui Ruaidhri, developing a persona of late 14th century Irish. Check out the full display here:

Caitlin’s 14th century hood

Cynthia Anne of Silver Lakes, developing a Greek persona of the 4th/5th centuries BCE. Check out the full display here:

Cynthia’s Project 1: A chiton and himation

Arnbjorg Karlsdottir, developing a German persona. Arnbjorg displayed on site, and her first project was a Wulsthaube.

Angeline of the Grove, who is Atlantian by Treaty and resides in the East, developing a Lady from 12th century Perniö, Finland. Check out the full display here:

No photo description available.
Angeline’s Project 1: a 12th Century Finnish Iron Age apron and belt from Perniö, Yliskylä cemetery in Finland.

Arnoddr I Ongulseyju, developing a 10th century Norse persona. Check out the full display here:

Arnoddr’s Project 1: Valsgärde 8 Splinted Vambrace

Alyna of the Ilex, developing a German renaissance persona, displayed a Goldhaube on site.

Ceridwen ferch Owain, developing a German Swabian persona. Check out their video entry, a song, here:

Katryne of Dalraida, developing the persona of a Roman Era Celt. Check out their full display here:

Katryne’s Project 1: A set of travel games

Mariana Ruiz de Medina, developing a persona of 15th century Spain. View the full display here: Below, Mariana’s first project: A Flemish Hood

Geoffrey Athos von Ulm, developing a Viking Age Norse persona, displayed on site a set of Jorvik Pipes.

Delecta Diana d’Averno, developing a 10th-11th century Norse persona, displayed a Skjoldehamn Hood on site.

Elias de Birton, developing a 14th century English forester persona. Check out their full display here:

Elias’s Project 1: A Pouch

Finnebreth Wodeward (aka Finne Breth), developing the persona of a 14th century Pilgrim. Their full display may be viewed here:

May be an image of indoor
Finne’s Project 1: A 14th Century Alms Purse

Margot Le Cler, developing the persona of a mid-16th century German/French daughter of spice merchants. View their full display here:

Margot’s Project 1: Spice collection

Jane Fox, developing a 16th century Saxon-German, displayed on site.

Jane’s Project 1: 16th century German Tellerbarret

Marguerite de Lyon, developing a ca. 1345 noble woman of Florence. View their full display here:

Marguerite’s Project 1: Supportive Underdress

Adair of Makyswell, developing the persona of a Tudor Scot. Their first project, a necklace, was displayed on site and is pictured below.

Adair’s necklace

Giuliana di Chambery, developing a late 14th century Italian persona. Their full display can be viewed here:

Giulinana’s Project 1: A Pellanda. Check out the link above for Giuliana modeling the garment!

Elizabeth de Spaldying, developing an Anglo Saxon persona of the 1060s-1070s. Elizabeth displayed the below embroidery project on site.

Simon de Spaldying, developing a Swiss persona ca 1500, displayed their translation project on site.

Simon’s Project 1: a landsknecht song of the era, “Wir Zogen in das Feld”

Rikitsa Kippsdotter, developing an Iron Age Finnish persona. Rikitsa displayed a 17 strand braid with bronze coils on site.

Rikitsa’s project 1: Braid for headdress

Alys d’Avignon, developing a 15th Century Italian persona. View the full display here:

Alys’s Project 1: Gamurra

Agatha la Sommeliere, developing a 9th century Nordic persona. View their full display here:

Agatha’s Project 1: A Hedeby Bag

Maddalena Salutati, developing a the persona within Visby, Gotland in the later 14th century. Maddalena displayed their ca. 1360 wool hood on site.