Pennsic War serves as the third of four milestone displays in the Persona Development Challenge. These items may be works in progress at this time, but must be completed and displayed at Fall Coronation to successfully complete this challenge.

Participants attending Pennsic displayed their projects at the

Knowne World Arts and Sciences on August 7th.

Alyna of the Ilex displayed brick stitch embroidery for their German persona.

Angeline of the Grove created a reproduction of the peplos from Pernio to further their Finnish persona.

Delecta D’Averno created a Norse apron dress.

Katryne of Dalraida created a muirlag (basket) for holding wool while carding. This display was even featured in the Pennsic Independent!

But wait! That’s not all! Self hosted displays include the following:

Arnoddr I Ongulseyju displayed a reproduction of the Skjoldehamn Hood.

Rosalind Jehanne created woven bands to further develop their Anglo Saxon persona.

Ceridwen ferch Owain created a Swabian dress with embroidered sleeves.

Sophia the Orange continues to create her episodic adventure for i Firenzi, period style comedia del arte! Enjoy the merriment by following this link.

Mariana Ruiz de Medina created a paternoster for her Spanish persona.

Elizabeth de Spaldyng likewise created a paternoster for her Anglo Saxon persona.

Simon de Spaldyng created a Courier Chess set to expand his Swiss persona.

Elias de Birton created a Bocksten Man-inspired tunic for their English Forester persona.

Jane Fox created a 1502 Swabian Silk Damask Gown.

Adair of Makyswell created goldwork embroidery to further their Tudor Scot persona.

Rikitsa Kippsdotter created Iron Age Finland tablet woven sock garters.