Spring Crown Tournament

The Spring Crown Tournament shall serve to secure heirs for Their Royal Majesties Cuan and Adelhait, as well as showcase the second of four displays in the Persona Development Challenge! These items may be displayed as works in progress, but must be completed by Fall Coronation to successfully complete the challenge.

The following participants displayed on site:

Alyna of the Ilex created a brustfleck.

Mariana Ruiz de Medina created a handwriting sample, which can also be viewed here https://www.marianaruizdemedina.com/persona-challenge-2022

Delecta Diana d’Averno created a Viking coat, which you may have seen her wearing in afternoon court!

Jane Fox created a lovely Swabian gown (below).

No description available.
Photo credit: Mackinsey Schienschang

The following participants displayed virtually:

Simon de Spaldyng created a Zopf – a traditional Swiss Sunday bread that has roots in the medieval Bakers’ Guilds of 14th-century Bern, Zurich, and other Swiss cities.

Elizabeth de Spaldyng and Rosalind Jehanne together created an Anglo-Saxon feast! Here is a video of the completed meal and its consumption https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds5CvG4x-Rk, and another video of the cooking process: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/3zxp-MkKVnM

Ceridwen ferch Owain created German Poetry as inspired by the works of the
German Minnesinger Ulrich von Lichtenstein. https://youtu.be/gI0lQpWu8cA  

Sophia the Orange created a story and script in the Rose Garden at Casa Firenzi. https://sophia.scottandlara.com/2022/05/07/casa-firenzi-story2/

Alfrun Ketta created a Forester’s Kit of tunic and undertunic http://awanderingelf.weebly.com/a-wandering-elf-in-the-woods/foresters-kit-tunic-and-undertunic-atlantia-persona-challenge-12-aethelmearc-foresters-guild

Margot Le Cler created some lovely embroidery for a 16th century sampler https://anachronisticfolk.com/sca-persona-challenge/

Katryne of Dalriada is creating Nene Valley pottery https://katryneofdalraida.wordpress.com/2022/05/06/persona-challenge-2nd-update/

Angeline of the Grove created leg wraps and ties https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.5692576687425099&type=3


Arnoddr created a Gotland Knife Sheath http://blog.weekend-warrior.org/tags/personachallenge/ 

Adair of Makyswell created a bead embroidered facial powder box https://sites.google.com/view/adairofmakyswell/persona-challenge-2022

Elias de Birton created a Cristoper of silver sheene pilgrim badge https://birtonbailiwick.wordpress.com/2022/05/04/a-cristopher-of-silver-sheene-wip/

Alys d’Avignon is creating detachable sleeves to go with her Italian Gamurra https://alysdavignon.wixsite.com/home/atlantian-persona-challenge-2022

Rikitsa Kippsdotter is recreating wool socks in the style of the Ristimaki in Ravattula (grave 41/2016) https://arteofrikitsa.wordpress.com/persona-challenge/

Giuliana di Chambery is recreating shoes in the style of poulaine (or crakow) shoes of 15th century France https://exhaliastudios.com/squirrel/atlantia-persona-challenge/